Your Honor (English subtitles) – 친애하는 판사님께

Time (English subtitles) - 시간
Thirty But Seventeen (English subtitles) - 서른이지만 열일곱입니다

Description: This drama tell the story of identical twins, Han Soo Ho and Han Kang Ho (Yoon Si Yoon) who live completely in different lives.

Han Soo Ho and Han Kang Ho were born as identical twins, but they live totally different lives. Han Soo Ho works as a judge and he is guided by principles. Meanwhile, Han Kang Ho’s extensive criminal recordcontains 6 different arrests. One day, Han Soo Ho suddenly disappears. Han Kang Ho secretly takes his brother’s place as a judge. Han Kang Ho, who was once considered trash, becomes “Dear Judge” and highly respected.
TV Series
Yoon Si Yoon, Lee Yoo Young, Park Byung Eun, Nara, Sung Dong Il, Heo Ji Won
Boo Sung Chul
32 Episodes
25 July 2018
Production company(s):

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