The Disappearance – 隱形怪傑

Suspects in Love - 搜下留情
The Family Link - 師奶兵團

Description: The Disappearance is a contemporary drama that incorporates heavy computer –enhanced effects to make the story more dramatic. A joyous and pleasant reporter Lap(Lam Ka dong) enjoyed a simple family life with his parents and his sister Shan (Yeung Chin Wah). However, a diamond robbery changed their lives… Lap’s friend Cheng (Bowie Lam) came from the mainland to live with Lap. The eccentric Cheng claimed that the diamond was stolen by an invisible man and asked a female cop Fung(Chan Miu Ying) to help investigate the case. Shortly afterwards, Lap was framed by his competitor Toh(Chan kai Tai) for making up a news story. Lap drank a magic drug by accident that made him invisible from time to time. Lap was then able to find out the truth yet he also put himself in danger. Lap met Toh’s reporter girlfriend Wing(Chan Tze Ching). They became friends after much misunderstandings and eventually they fell in love with each other. Later, Lap and Wing discovered Toh’ s crime and Toh conspired to take revenge on the invisible man, Lap.

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 1997
Cast: Gordon Lam, Bowie Lam, Mariane Chan, Miriam Yeung, Edmond Leung