Taste of Love (Cantonese) – 唯一繼承者

Taste of Love (Cantonese) - 唯一繼承者 - Episode 01
The Late Night Stop (Cantonese) - 小站


Description: Chris Man (Bryant Chang), the younger heir to “Man Kee Restaurant”, an Michelin star restaurant in Macau, lives an affluent selfish life. His family restaurant’s most famous dish is the roast goose with special house sauce, which his mother is the only one that knows of the secret recipe. The restaurant finds itself in dire consequences when his mother collapses and goes into an coma. When the media reports about their mother’s condition and that she is the only one that knows of the secret recipe this puts the restaurant’s reputation and business in jeopardy. After only finding a postcard with an Taiwan address in the safe box where the recipe is supposedly kept, Chris heads to Taiwan hoping to find the origin of the secret recipe to save his family’s restaurant.
In Taiwan, Ye Xiao He (Vivian Sung) is assigned to be his personal tour guide. She is a happy-go-lucky foodie who cares more about food then materialistic things . Their first meeting at the airport gets off on the wrong foot as she mistakes him to be a pervert when someone pushes him into her rear end. Further thinking he is still trying to harass her when he tries to tell her she is his tour guide she pepper sprays him. Once she finds out Chris is her VIP client she becomes apologetic as she is afraid to be written up again due to an earlier tour event where she wandered around by herself and lost track of time making her tour group wait for her.
Chris hands Xiao He an address and tells her to find the place. When they arrived they find out the address is an abandoned restaurant. With no other leads Xiao He asks her chef friend Chen Jun Hao (Hero Tai) if he has any information about the abandoned restaurant. One of Jun Hao’s co-workers is only able to provide Chris with what he knows of the abandoned restaurant’s chef reputation and his surname. With the little information they just received Chris proceeds on his journey, but before they can continue Xiao He reminds him that the day is almost over and he must pay for that day’s services. Soon realizing he got pocketed of his identifications and wallet at the airport, he swallows his pride and unpleasant attitude to depend on Xiao He for food and broad that night when he backs out of contacting Charlie (Ching Yang), the only person he knows in Taiwan.
Xiao He brings Chris to her home and catches her live-in boyfriend naked with another woman. When Xiao He refuse to forgive her boyfriend’s infidelity he becomes petty and kicks her out of their home because the deed is in his name and takes back all the gifts he ever gave her. With nowhere to go Xiao He goes back and brings Chris with her to her hometown village to stay at her family home. At Xiao He’s home Chris encounters Xiao He’s man hungry older sister and learns of Xiao He’s estranged relationship with her mother. He also encounters Charlie who thinks he went to Taiwan to find her since the two had an past relationship, but he lies and tells Charlie that he and Xiao He are a couple

Language: Cantonese
Country: Republic of China (Taiwan)
Director: Chen Dong Han 陳東漢
Cast: Ray Chang 張睿家,Vivian Sung 宋芸樺,Hero Tai 戴祖雄,Ching Yang 楊晴