Suits (English subtitles) – 슈츠

Suits (English subtitles) - 슈츠 - Episode 01
Whisper (Cantonese) - 悄悄話

Description: This drama is based on the U.S. drama series “Suits” that has aired on the cable USA Network since 2011.

Choi Kyung Seo (Jang Dong Gun) is a legendary lawyer at the top law firm in South Korea. He has charisma and an attractive appearance. He hires Go Yun Woo (Park Hyung Shik) as a rookie lawyer for the law firm. Go Yun Woo has excellent memory.

Language: Korea
Country: Korea
Times: 16 Episodes
Release: 25 April 2018
Director: Kim Jin Woo
Cast: Jang Dong Gun, Park Hyung Shik, Chae Jung Ahn, Go Sung Hee, Hwang Tae Kwang, Jin Hee Kyung, Choi Kwi Hwa, Lee Si Won, Choi Yoo Hwa, Lee Sang Yi
Genre:  TV Series