Robbery – 老笠

My Wife Is a Superstar - 我老婆係明星
House of Wolves - 惡人谷

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Description: A down and out guy called Ping (Derek Tsang) gets a job at a convenience store one night. Ping decides to have some fun to strike back against his new unpleasant employer, Fat Boss (Lam Suet) and colleague Mabel (J. Arie) joins in the mischief. During the night a passerby (Phillip Keung) needs the toilet, a young woman in a cheerleader’s outfit (Anita Choi) wants some condoms, and Grandpa (Feng Tsui Fan) wants a sandwich and some large scissors. Before long insanity ensues and the Exceed convenience store becomes the scene of a robbery.

Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 94 Minutes
Release Date: 14 April 2016
Director: Fire Lee
Cast: Derek Tsang, J. Arie, Lam Suet, Stanley Fung, Philip Keung, Anita Chui, Eric Kwok, Aaron Chow, Edward Ma,Ken Lo