J Drama

J Drama

Deep Sea of Tree (Cantonese) – 黑色樹海

Painless – The Eyes for Signs (Cantonese) – 無痛 – 診療之眼

Naomi and Kanako (Cantonese) – 直美與加奈子

Dr. Storks (Cantonese) – 雙面醫生

Hirugao-Love Affairs in the Afternoon (Cantonese) – 晝顏

Happy Retirement (Cantonese) – 幸福退休日

Variations of My Name (Cantonese) – 以我為名的變奏曲

SPECIALIST (Cantonese) – スペシャリスト

Witch you…Beauty (Cantonese) – 魔幻天使

Truth of Zero (Cantonese) – 零的真實

Transit Girls (Cantonese) – 百合戀人

IMAT: Crime Scene Medics 2 (Cantonese) – IMAT 非常救援隊 2

IMAT: Crime Scene Medics (Cantonese) – IMAT 非常救援隊

Lady Girls (Cantonese) – 大人女子

Nobunaga Concerto (Cantonese) – 信長協奏曲

Love Song (Cantonese) – 情歌

Seijo (Cantonese) – 聖女

Full House (Cantonese) – 浪漫泰屋

ST MPD Scientific Investigation Squad (Cantonese) – ST紅與白的搜查檔案

Wise and Foolish (Cantonese) – 民王

Age Harassment (Cantonese) – 年齡騷擾

PLAY BALL! BE”M”ARS (Cantonese) – 初森壘球團

Detective versus Detectives (Cantonese) – 偵探的偵探

CSI: Crime Scene Talks Special (Cantonese) – 遺留搜查 孤島刑偵

I’m Home (Cantonese) – 回家的鎖匙

Limit (Cantonese)

Mysterious Transfer Student (Cantonese) – 謎之轉校生

Doctor-X II (Cantonese) – 女醫神Doctor X 2

Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out (Cantonese) – 花咲舞不會沉默

The Easygoing Police (Cantonese) – 咪阻住MADAM