Goodbye to Goodbye (English subtitles) – 이별이 떠났다

Goodbye to Goodbye (English subtitles) - 이별이 떠났다 - Episode 01
Sketch (English subtitles) - 스케치

Description: Goodbye to Goodbye is a melodrama adapted from the web-novel with the same title. A woman who has given up on her life encounters another woman who has just started a new chapter of her life as a mother. By living under the same roof, the two women with two very different lives share moments of agony and overcome obstacles together to learn what it is like to be a mother. This is a story of a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law who care for and think dearly of each other. With its therapeutic message, this drama will provide comfort and consolation to the mothers and soon-to-be mothers in the world.
Released: 26 May 2018 (23 hours ago)
Runtime: 30 Mins
Genre: Drama Romance
Countries: South Korea
Languages: Korean