Crimes Of Passion – 掃黃先鋒

Crime And Passion - 新重案傳真
When Heaven Burns - 天與地


Description: Fan (Bobby Au Yeung) heads a team of detectives in the “Special Duty Squad” responsible for investigating various prostitution practices. Fan and his subordinate Sergeant Tit (Wan Yeung Ming) have solved many cases and are well-experienced, they have dealt with cases under cover of an exclusive association; model agencies seducing innocent girls to work as prostitutes; loan sharks forcing women to pay debts by working as prostitutes… Although Fan has excellent performance at work, his family life is not happy. His wife May (Cheong Wei Yee) divorces hi. He is then accused of rape by a prostitute. Detective Fung (Kennix Kwok), who is in charge of the investigation, is discontented with his behavior, and nags at him. When she realizes that she has misunderstood him, she gradually falls in love with him! Then, Fan and his colleagues are assigned to smash the gang led by Lung (Ngai Chun Kit). When Tit discovers that Lung is competing with him for her girlfriend Kwan (Jan Lau), she swears to put Lung behind bars…

警方反色情組督察帆(歐陽震華)率領的一班「殺雞英雄」,負責掃蕩黃色事業,維護香港的健康形象。帆與下屬沙展鐵(尹揚明)憑機智和經驗,偵破多宗棘手的案件,其中包括有賣淫集團利用同鄉會作掩飾進行色情活動;模特兒公司介紹女星及少女往外地作不道德交易;屋邨貴利誘騙師奶當娼還債…等等。正當帆工作順利之際,其妻May (張慧儀)突然提出分手,帆更遭一妓女投訴非禮。投訴科督察楓(郭可盈)不恥其所為,處處針對他,後得悉帆是冤枉,對他改觀,更發展成情侶!

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 22 Episodes
Release Date: 1998
Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Kenix Kwok, Vincent Wan, Jay Lau