C Drama

C Drama

The Book and the Sword (Cantonese) – 書劍恩仇錄

Legend of Fuyao (Cantonese) – 扶摇

Ode to Joy (Cantonese) – 歡樂頌

Fame Or Shame(Cantonese) – 情危夜合花

Secret of the Three Kingdoms (Cantonese) – 三國機密之潛龍在淵

The Tale of Yanxi Palace (Cantonese) – 延禧攻略

Story of Yanxi Palace (Mandarin) – 延禧攻略

Little Daddy (Cantonese) – 小爸爸

Avengers Social Club (Cantonese) – 大媽復仇聯盟

Singing All Along (Cantonese) – 秀麗江山之長歌行

Fire of Eternal Love (Cantonese) – 烈火如歌

Negotiator (Cantonese) – 談判官

Girls Generation 1979 (Cantonese) – 少女時代1979

Nirvana in Fire (II) (Cantonese) – 琅琊榜之風起長林

Legend of Yuan Empire Founder-建元風雲

Tientsin Mystic (Cantonese) – 河神

Perfect Couple (Cantonese) – 金玉良緣

Candle in the Tomb (Cantonese) – 鬼吹燈之精絕古城

Into the World Again (Cantonese) – 再次相遇的世界

Lost Love in Times (Cantonese) – 醉玲瓏

My Mr. Mermaid (Cantonese) – 浪花一朵朵

Shuttle Love Millennium (Cantonese) – 相愛穿梭千年貳:月光下的交換

Infernal Affairs (Cantonese) – 無間道

Operation Love (Cantonese) – 求婚大作戰

Any lie can become Truth (Cantonese) – 謊言遊戲

Fighter of Destiny (Cantonese) – 擇天記

Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 2 (Cantonese) – 无心法师Ⅱ

Star April (Cantonese) – 繁星四月

Pretty Li Hui Zhen (Cantonese) – 漂亮的李慧珍

Nothing Gold Can Stay (Cantonese) – 那年花開月正圓