Can’t Buy Me Love – 公主嫁到

Can't Buy Me Love - 公主嫁到 - Episode 01
The Battle Against Evil - 轉世驚情

CantBuyMeLoveDescription: Set during the Tang Dynasty of China, Can’t Buy Me Lovetells the story of the Third Princess of the Tang Emperor (Charmaine Sheh), who is beautiful but very unreasonable, and, as such, no one wants to marry her. The Kam family is the largest gold manufacturer inChang’an, but because they are deceived, the business runs into troubles. The second son of the Kam family Kam Tuo Luk (Moses Chan) has to marry the Third Princess to save the family business, because then they will have the right to manufacture gold pieces for Palace.
The Princess brings lots of servants to the Kam family after marrying Kam Tuo Luk, and constantly comes into conflict with the members of the Kam family (Lee Heung Kam, Susanna Kwan, Selena Li). The Princess originally decides to leave the house, but when she misunderstands that the Kam family speaks negatively of her, she stubbornly stays. Later, she and Kam Tuo Luk fall in love. When the Kam family is convicted of a capital offence, she divorces Kam Tuo Luk to secretly save the Kam family.
Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Release Date: 2010
Cast: Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Raymond Wong, Kenneth Ma, Susanna Kwan, Lee Heung Kam, Louis Yuen, Selena Li, Susan Tse, Sharon Chan
Genre: TV Series