Candle in the Tomb (Cantonese) – 鬼吹燈之精絕古城

Candle in the Tomb (Cantonese) - 鬼吹燈之精絕古城 - Episode 01
Into the World Again (Cantonese) - 再次相遇的世界

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Description: Can a woman trust tomb raiders to help her find her missing father? Shirley Yang (Joe Chen) is an archaeologist who grew up in the United States. When she learns that her father has disappeared while exploring tombs, she returns to China to try to find her missing father. She meets Hu Bayi (Dong Jin), a tomb raider who learned the art of Feng Shui from an antique book that he inherited from his family and now has specialized knowledge of tomb configuration.


Language: Cantonese
Country: China
Cast:  Jin Dong, Joe Chen, Zhao Da

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